Four feisty features

It’s hard to believe that another release of Ubuntu, 7.04, aka Feisty Fawn, is into the home stretch — the final month before release. There’s quite a bit to be excited about too, with a slew of cool new stuff that will be available for us to drool over and lure the unwashed masses with.

Here’s my top 4:

  • Codec grabbing – While it would be nice to be able to include all necessary media formats, or convert everyone to free ones, we can’t. The next best thing is to make those things accessible. No longer will confused newbies need to follow a complicated Howto procedure, or use dangerous scripts. Our feisty little fawn is so much smarter, and can auto-detect the packages require and let the user install them in a matter of a few clicks. Awesomeness!
  • Migration Assistant – People have been ‘ooooh’ing about this for the past couple of days, and rightly so. This is something that has been sorely lacking on this side of the moon. Now people with limited time/knowlege/motivation can easily migrate their data and relevent settings.
  • Network Manager – We had this for edgy, I know, but now it’s installed by default. This really does rock, because it’s damn hard to install it from repos when you require it to connect to said repos. ‘Nuff said. I think there are still teething issues though, which is a shame since it’s such a useful app.
  • Desktop Effects – This has the community split, but I’m yet to find anyone who can fault the concept. People, regular common Joes, like shiny. Heck, even common Geeks are easily amused by alot of this stuff. Microsoft has just come out with a shiny new system of widgetry and novelty, but wobbly windows and spinny cubes take the cake, icing and all.

This is the stuff that is going to ‘sell’ Ubuntu. It is the stuff that makes the operating system inconspicious.

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19 Responses to Four feisty features

  1. ToHellWithGA says:

    A much more thorough System menu in the panel is a nice improvement over Edgy, where some configuration applications were not given icons and had to be launched elsewhere. The new gnome games are pretty sweet as well, with many more appearance/theme options than previous ubuntu releases contained and the addition of gnome sudoku.

  2. mattions says:

    God spotted :)

    I totally agree with you. To be honest I think the Migrant Assisten is not so useful, but that’s me . (I don’t have any windows system from which migrate :) ).

    Go Feisty!

  3. Stephen says:

    The default installation of Network Manager is a big plus for Feisty. Unfortunately however, many people still have the problem of configuring Ndiswrapper or getting hold of the firmware for their Broadcom wireless card. In my case, my on-board Intel wireless worked perfectly, and Network Manager enabled me to connect to the network with WPA, just as easily as with Windows.

    On the subject of Desktop Effects, Beryl/Compiz blows Vista away completely. After using Beryl for a few weeks, the first time I saw Vista’s effects was such an anti-climax.

  4. dabaR says:

    Hi, Mel.

    Do you really mean to say that the shininess makes the OS unnoticable?

  5. the_0ne says:

    I have used the network manager, and it is really nice. My only problem (and the reason I can not possibly use it) is that it lacks static ip information. You have to use a dhcp address. I can not do that with the situation I am in.

    Does Feisty address this?

  6. ssam says:

    * drm free music stores in rhythmbox (enable Edit -> Plugins)
    * gtk save dialog box remembers if you like it in browse mode

  7. JGJones says:

    Some of the features you’ve mentioned I’ve come across on a first installation of Fawn on my Macbook – very nice touch they are too.

    I do wonder…what about using Fluendo’s plugins for GStreamer where they provide legally licenced codecs for stuff such as Microsoft Windows Media codecs (WMV/WMA) etc at

    That would be a useful pointer for those where it would be…err…naughty to make use of W32codecs or similar – they could purchase quite cheaply a legal alternative instead.

  8. melissa says:

    @dabar That is quite possible. I posted this at like 2am, the time at which it is easy to use wrong words ;)

  9. ivoks says:


    Yes; and not only that! It also has support for VPN (PPTP, openvpn and vpnc). NM is best network tool I’ve seen on all platforms. It still has some bugs, but nothing dramatic.

    BTW; no one was against desktop effects, but lots of people were against non-free drivers by default for something that is not core of the system.

  10. Pascal Klein says:

    It’s really nice to see a free desktop providing these features. I think even those of us who don’t mind pocking around underneath the hood appreciate the out-of-the-box goodness that Feisty is promising.

  11. james says:

    i dont really have anything to say, i just thought it was cool how it shows the browser!

  12. Network Manager sucks with Ndiswrapper. It can’t connect to my home network. And the free bcm43xx driver interrupts connection many times so it’s not useful for me. That’s why I’m sure that it will bring problems – I have 2 laptops with Broadcom wifi so it’s 2x getting mad on NM for me.

  13. issuemanager says:

    It is not applicable.

  14. Chris Lees says:

    Those four feisty features listed are the reason why I will feel comfortable giving Ubuntu to my friends without being worried that they’ll say “This OS can’t play my MP3s. Linux sucks.”.

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  17. Terramel says:

    Another good thing is that Ubuntu’s LiveCD is running a lot faster than it was in the previous versions ;D

    About desktop effects, it have some issues like when I try to play videos with the effects on or when I try to run Super Nintendo emulator zsnes ;)

    But I can’t complain, besides those problems it runs perfectly and fast on my notebook (an Intel Celeron M with 256Mb of RAM and with an Intel video card)

    The drivers detection are also better and I didnt need to install any restricted drivers… The only thing I needed to do was to install the package 915resolution for my notebook’s widescreen ;)

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