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Welcome to Geekosophical!
Hi there! My name is Robert C. Carroll. My friends call me Geeko, but you can call me Mr. Carroll. Just kidding ;)

I am a geek with a passion for tech stuff AND philosophy.

The "personal belief" type of philosophy, rather than "the rational investigation of questions about existence" philosophy.

So, let me tell you a secret: it's quite hard to be a philosopher in the post-modern era! Back in the day, people used to adhere to a specific school, and then share its values with everyone!

But now, when absolute truth is gone, being replaced by relative truth, it's harder than ever to hold on to your personal beliefs.

Excepting the things that happen in the tech industry! Because when it comes to hardware and software, anyone with a pulse has very clear opinions about poor speakers, bad antiviruses, and so on.

And all of the sudden, our post-modern philosophy system goes down the drain!

Anyway, in case that you're still reading this stuff, I like to write articles that showcase the weak areas of our favorite products and technologies. Especially the ones that manufacturers try to hide from us.

So go and read my blog, and if you're as annoyed as I am by a particular product, application, service or idea, drop me an email.

If it's a real problem that can be demonstrated, I'll be glad to write about it and let my audience know about it.

That includes you, Mom. I know that you are one of my faithful readers.

But if everything goes as planned, I'll triple my audience within a few months. All I need to do is to wait until my wife gives birth to our twins...
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