The so-called science of poll-taking

Pollka now has a logo (and has for a few weeks now actually), thanks to the always awesome Martin Owens.

The pollka logo; a purple ticket with a purple ticket floating with a trail of dots behind it, next to the words pollka polling software

The pollka project is still very new. Having good branding like this is, I feel, important to letting us build a name for ourselves as a project. Martin has pulled together something cheerful and relevant, and I don’t see us needing to confuse everyone by re-naming or re-branding any time soon.

Currently the project has 3 people who have committed: Nigelb, gchick and myself, and a few others have shown interest. Alan Bell recently used the software for polling the UK team about their new logo, and is due to feed some changes he made back in at some point.

Lastly, Nigelb has talked me in to hosting a session in the App Developer Week, where I envisage we will be giving a presentation of sorts about Pollka and also get feedback about the Ubuntu Women Mentoring Partnership program I am hoping to get up and going as a deliverable for the Ubuntu Women team in the Natty cycle.

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3 Responses to The so-called science of poll-taking

  1. Fabian Rodriguez says:

    Hi Melissa! It would be lovely if you could link to the UK poll as an example of using Pollka. Thanks for sharing!

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