Dear Planet.Fedora Pyromaniacs

After spotting the silly pyromania on planet.fedora earlier today, I thought for a while; Am I on Team Evil, or am I on Team Stupid. Then, I decided.

I’m on Team Linux.


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6 Responses to Dear Planet.Fedora Pyromaniacs

  1. Precisely.

    Note that the pyromaniac in question (since there was only one) was promptly upbraided by the community and has since apologized for his antics:

    The Fedora community doesn’t condone or approve of that kind of bad behavior. We’ll continue to call it out and address it wherever we see it. Interestingly, this particular problem was caught and addressed first by the Fedora Ambassadors team, so good on them!

    And as it so happens, I’ll be working at Software Freedom Day in a couple weekends giving out a bunch of free software including the Open Disc, Fedora, Ubuntu, and other goodies.

  2. Martin Owens says:

    Team er, Free Software?

  3. ethana2 says:

    I’m on team end-user. The operating system is a means to an end. Whatever makes the users life easiest is the right thing for them to be using, and it’s what i’ll encourage them to use, even if it’s Windows 7 or Mac.

    A link to the ‘silly pyromania’ would make this post less ambiguous and confusing.

  4. Randall says:

    I’m on team FLOSS. Linux is a kernel, i.e. it is NOT Ubuntu, nor is it Fedora.

  5. David says:

    I don’t think the original post exists anymore. The original poster seems to have deleted the post. You can see what the fuss was about here:

  6. nicu says:

    ethana2: then we are not in the same team… for some the freedom is more important than convenience at times, “easy life” right now may bring slavery in the future.
    that’s the point the “pyromaniac” wanted to make (in an exaggerated manner): many times in the name of convenience Ubuntu is hurting the freedom.

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