International Women’s Day Competition

There’s only something like 2 and half weeks left for the women of all ages in all parts our community to tell us how they discovered Ubuntu for the International Women’s Day Competition.

That means that you really ought to get a move on!

The process is easy:

  1. Women and girls email us (address and rules in announcement) a description of how they discovered Ubuntu. Whether it was at school, work, from a partner or because they were sleep-computing and woke up to the sound of drums — whatever!
  2. In just over 2 weeks time, we put up the stories and let the community vote for their favourite
  3. On March 8th, the favourite is declared, and we make Jono earn his keep by announcing it and drawing the second surprise winner from a hat on his ustream channel or vidcast or whatever it is kids call that funky video stuff these days.
  4. Two lucky ladies get a share of this loot:

Bags, tshirts, magazines, books and other fun stuff

Amber describes the prize packs thusly:

    ***Prize packages are being sponsored by: Canonical, Linux Pro Magazine and Ubuntu-User Magazine. Package includes but not limited to: Ubuntu backpack, Ladies T-shirt, Ubuntu Key Chain, 1 year digital subscription to Linux Pro Magazine or a 1 year print subscription to Ubuntu User Magazine, and a copy of The Art of Community. Thank you all so much for your gracious support and sponsorship.

    Help spread the word by telling all the women you know who use Ubuntu and by hitting up digg and /.

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    One Response to International Women’s Day Competition

    1. fenris says:

      c00l stuff for women .. hope that there will be more women contributing to Ubuntu .. make me jealous with the prize :)

      btw .. any plan to fly to Malaysia ? :) hope to meet u again !!

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