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Top 3 Reasons Why Social Media Damages Your Brain

Social media activities stimulate the reward centers in our brains. This happens whenever people like our profile picture, write a positive comment on one of our photos, and so on.

When we are complimented on social media, our brains will start producing dopamine, the same powerful neurotransmitter that is responsible for the smokers' desire to light up a cigarette...

Why does an iPhone cost so much?

Why do we have to pay so much money to purchase a new iPhone? There are a few official explanations, of course.

Apple uses premium components in its phones - that's a true fact! But several analysts have calculated the cost of each component, and the total manufacturing price is around the $200 mark. And yet, iPhones sell for $600 or more...

Why Your Wi-Fi Connection is Misbehaving

If things aren't working as expected, your router may lack the needed Wi-Fi power. According to, there are 3 ways to solve this problem.

1) Install a 3rd party router operating system.  Data Alliance recommends Tomato.
2) Increase Wi-Fi signal power by adding a better antenna. You can even build one on your own!
3) Place aluminum foil behind the router antennas...

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